Our Presenting Sponsor: Our Neighbor

Quest Diagnostics and NO/AIDS Task Force are partners committed to providing the best information, care and support to the communities we serve.  The fight against AIDS is not over.  We share the belief that we need comprehensive solutions that promote education, increase awareness, improve care, reduce stigma, elevate policy, and build strong, supportive communities.  When people feel a sense of community, they are empowered with pride and armed with information; they’re able to model healthy behaviors, build relationships and experience hope.

 At our Leading  Laboratories and Patient Service Centers across Louisiana, Quest transforms information into insights that spark smart actions for better health.  Our work supports healthcare professionals, patients, employers, and other partners with the diagnostics tools they need to make decisions that positively impact the lives of people like you.  When it comes to testing and understanding your health, insight is everything.

Quest Diagnostics is proud to be a presenting sponsor of this year’s NO/AIDS Walk.  Join us to help put an end to AIDS in our community.