PrEP-oganda Pushers

PrEP has given us the ability to stop HIV in its tracks and end a crisis that has haunted the world since its discovery! It is our job to raise money for free HIV tests for EVERYBODY so that we all will have the ability to know our status - this is step number one in the war against HIV and AIDS! Money raised in this walk go towards paying for free testing, but also towards helping those living with HIV or AIDS in regards to treatment. Living with HIV or AIDS can be a lonely burden, but thankfully NO/AIDS says that nobody has to do it alone! Since the discovery of my status, I have achieved a viral load of 0, raised my CD4 count to over 1900, and taken control of my life again. I couldnt have done it without NO/AIDS. Help my team pay it forward! Join, donate, and/or share this page! 


Thank You!

Josh Adams

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