Leather & Lace

These BOOTS are made for walkin! Join Mr. Louisiana Leather 2018/Mr. Gulf Coast Bear XXII (Darrell Klassy), Ms. Louisiana Leatherette 2018, Ms. Spring Fling Leather Fest 2017(Krissie) and Team Leather & Lace in the NO AIDS WALK! Okay, wear boots, or sneakers, (or hell, high heels), as long as you join us for a show of support for those battling HIV/AIDS and a cure! Whether you represent Leather Love & Laughter, Bear "Paw"er, or both, or, you like being seen in such esteemed company - sign up! AND, IF YOU EVER WON A TITLE OR WERE MARDI GRAS ROYALTY, WEAR YOUR SASH, CROWN DURING THE WALK! Help spread the message! Or make a donation to support our team Leather & Lace walkers if you are unable to attend.

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