2018 Chevron Walk to End HIV



If you've never heard of B.L.A.C. let us fill you in:

The Black Leadership Advisory Committee (B.L.A.C.) was founded to repectfully guide CrescentCare's efforts to improve health outcomes in the Black community in New Orleans; raising awareness around sexual health and overall well-being to reduce stigma, eliminate barriers to care, and end health disparities.

Join the B.L.A.C. team at this year's Chevron Walk to End HIV to support our efforts (we're a non-profit, y'all)! Any B.L.A.C. member that raises $20 and any non-B.L.A.C. member that donates $25 to the B.L.A.C. walk team will be gifted a limited edition lapel pin, displaying our beautiful, vibrant logo!

ALSO!!!!! If you haven't heard, B.L.A.C. is throwing a party inside of the party this year! Join us at The Walk for THE SHAKEDOWN TO END HIV, a dance-off that you'll only find in NOLA! Start practicing your best shakes, wiggles, and handstands (if you want to impress the judges). There's only a $10 suggested on-site donation to enter the competition and if you out-wiggle your competition, pack your bags because YOU'RE GOING TO BARBADOS!!!! That's right. Our Shakedown winner will win a 7- 10 night stay in Barbados! 

Your B.L.A.C. co-chairs, Shanika and Steph, are already stretching for The Shakedown... can't pull a muscle when they drop into one of their splits. Yes, you read that right... Let's make Freedia proud :)

Y'all ready??? JOIN B.L.A.C. NOW!


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